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How it works

The Collective Functional Performance© Index (CFPI) measures the abilities and capacities of the organization's workforce to assess the opportunities for growth. The CFP Index provides the true inside view of the organization to connect cause and impact for leaders to be fully informed of what is happening and why it is happening to fully explain performance and, critically, how to adjust and shape the working environment to support higher levels of CFP supporting growth. CFPI can only be discovered through WorkInsights' proprietary survey and analysis.


We start by interviewing the senior leadership team to understand the vision and objectives of the organization. Through this process of dicovery we are able to develop and refine the organization's strategic question. This stage helps to focus the survey insights later on.

Time Commitment: Senior Team, 3 hours.


Our proprietary survey is generated using the parameters discovered through the KEYSTONE SESSION and circulated amongst the employees of the organization. Once the survey has received enough respondents that the system can predict a 95 per cent confidence in the data, the report -- with over 200 data points -- is generated and made available to the administrator.

Time Commitment: All employees, 23 minutes on average.


CAPSTONE SESSIONS culminates with the creation of a cohesive strategy, with clear direction, to implement change in your organization.

Time Commitment: Senior Team, 9 hours.


A deeply insightful and comprehensive diagnostic tool, WorkInsights calculates the hidden strengths of, and threats to, your business in real time. Eliminate the costly guess work and facilitate evidence-based decision making by understanding what really stands in the way of your optimum performance and wellness.

Unlock how to support and energize your employees to work and feel their best with this anonymous, easy-to-apply assessment that uncovers the root causes of their stress points, so you can increase and maintain the long-term capacity, productivity and resilience of your whole organization – for healthy growth and healthy lives.

With this previously inaccessible intelligence, you can finally pinpoint and measure the sources of your challenges and create a data-driven plan to foster innovation, support change, boost performance, promote health and diversity, and lead your company to its true potential.